Finding my 'perfect fit' with Duo Boots

After a lot of sole searching I have finally found the perfect pair of boots.  

 My Pick:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

My Pick: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

You see, I've always had fairly muscular calves.  Boot shopping would see me, legs in the air in the middle of the store huffing and puffing to try and zip up that gorgeous knee high pair, and leaving empty handed, destined to sadly wear nothing but ankle boots forever.  Even if I found a pair, that by some miracle zipped all the way up to knee, (despite rendering me virtually incapable of walking)- I would stubbornly persist. 

That was until recently when I was contacted by Duo Boots - A U.K based (shipping internationally) women's boots brand who pride themselves on providing every women with the luxury of customised footwear, whilst still remaining affordable and fashion-forward. In other words- The perfect fit.  I was intrigued- because let's be honest; most experiences I've had with boots (if I could even get them on) have seen me taking them off in the Uber and sending myself home before midnight due to sore feet- anything but luxurious. 

Duo Boots explained the concept behind their fits- instead of just measuring your standard shoe size, they also take your calf measurement- offering 21 calf widths ranging between 30-50cm. I followed their handy fit guide and picked The Huntsman - a beautiful tan leather, knee-high riding boot from The Heritage Collection . Less than 7 days later, they were at my door.  The moment of truth had arrived.  And just like Cinderella's glass slipper, the boot moulded to my foot perfectly.  The sound of the zipper gliding up to my knee was such a relief. Hurray! The days of cramped calves and feet were gone! Hello comfort AND style.

 My Pick for the Melbourne Winter:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

My Pick for the Melbourne Winter: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

 Keeping warm:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Keeping warm: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

So who are these magical boot wizards? 

Hailing from the U.K, Duo Boots are a brand with over 40 years experience in the boot and shoe game. Originally created in 1974 by Ted and Muffy Maltby, they pride themselves on their quality, broad range of styles and stunning European craftsmanship- (you can read more about what goes into creating a Duo Boot here ).  Briefly re-branding themselves to Ted and Muffy (after their founders) in 2015 saw their loyal customer base missing the original branding and thus they returned to Duo Boots this year, and re-established the much loved Duo Boots name. 

 Comfy AND stylish:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Comfy AND stylish: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Shipping Internationally, Duo Boots are now offering Aussie customers 7 day free delivery for full price items with styles retailing from $330 AUD.  International customers can check them out on their website here or for anyone in the U.K they have a store in Bath .

Enjoy your fairy-tale fits ladies, and be sure to tag me in your Duo Boots purchases on Instagram! Happy Shopping!

 Happy Shopping:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Happy Shopping: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD


This post is sponsored by Duo Boots. All opinions are my own and I would never endorse a product that I didn't truly believe in or use myself.