Bali Travel Diary

Unless you've managed to avoid my not so subtle bragging on Insta lately, then you would know that I recently went to Bali. I was lucky enough to collaborate with the team from The Asia Collective, which was a real treat, as it was my first time to Bali so I needed all the tips and advice I could get!

Our Arrival
Dwaraka The Royal Villas

We arrived pretty late Tuesday night but were so grateful to our hotel who had organised to pick us up from the airport and take us back to Ubud. Once we arrived at the hotel we were treated like absolute royalty. Everyone had told me about the Balinese hospitality, and the people were just as friendly and generous as I was told. I barely slept that night as I was so excited for the sun to come up so I could start exploring.


Our villa was very spacious and decorated in the traditional Balinese style, with a private pool overlooking the rice fields. The entire hotel was so lush, full of so much greenery. We felt like we were a world away from the bustling city streets- which I loved!

After a delicious breakfast we headed into the center of Ubud to explore. Dwaraka provides a free shuttle service to the city center which was so handy! It meant we could explore till our hearts content without worrying about taxis or booking a driver for the day. We spent the day walking up and down the aisles of the Ubud Market before heading out for some dinner.

Day 2:
Sad to leave but excited to start adventuring, we organised a driver for the day to take us to the various Ubud sights. Hiring a driver is a great way to get around Bali- They have so much knowledge and it helps take the stress out of organising a Taxi.

After visiting the tourist hot spots we headed to Full Circle for a delicious lunch. Wow, what a treat Full Circle was- incredible food, beautiful light filled interior and many friendly staff. I felt like I was at a café at home- but better.

Sandat Glamping Tents

Upon arriving at Sandat we were immediately taken aback by the attention to detail in the design, and how luxurious everything felt. We were shown to our tent (which could hardly be called a tent it was so fancy!), where we also had our own private pool AND self proclaimed outdoor “Sexy Shower”!

Day 3:
We ended up staying at our tent the whole day, lazing by the pool, drinking cocktails and even treated ourselves to a massage- it was pure bliss! Sandat had a delicious restaurant on site which served not only traditional Balinese food, but provided an extensive Italian style menu also.

We sadly packed our bags and hopped in the car for the long drive down to Uluwatu. We stopped in at Mana Uluwatu - a delicious restaurant with EPIC views of the coastline. After being in the Jungle for the last four days- it was so nice to feel the fresh ocean air- even better that we got to do it whilst devouring some delicious food!

Day 5:
Sunday came, and we were so excited to head to Finns Vip Beach Club for the day. We spent the day on an Ocean front double day bed- where we literally did not move FOR ANYTHING. We ordered Japanese food, coconuts, cocktails and simply lazed the day away.

Day 6:
Before we checked into our next hotel, we headed to Mano Beach House. This place had such a chill vibe- and was the perfect spot for a lunch overlooking the beach. Next time we will pack our bathers- they even had a pool!

Club Med Bali

Wow- this is the first time I had the pleasure of staying at an all inclusive resort and I must say it did not disappoint. It was such a treat to have all our meals and drinks at the resort without having to worry about bringing any money (those Indonesian notes get confusing!). We arrived in time to catch the sunset- (the resort has private beach access to the beautiful Nusa Dua waters) so we thought we’d quickly go for a dip!

After spending dinner at the buffet (seriously they have every type of food you could ever want!!) we called it a night. Club Med host regular parties and events- something we will definitely check out next time we don't have to be up so early- We had a 5.45am wake up call in the morning for a tour of Nusa Penida!

Day 7:
It was so special seeing a different side of Bali via the island of Nusa Penida. We spent the day there, exploring and even snorkelled with Manta Rays- something I couldn’t believe I was able to do! I’m terrified of deep, open water, not to mention the rays themselves look pretty scary!! A must do for anyone who loves an adventure!

After arriving back at the resort we thought we’d have dinner at The Deck Restaurant for our last evening in Bali (insert tears here!). The four course menu options did not disappoint, and once again it was so great not having to worry about money!

Day 8:
For our last day in Bali we spent it wandering the Palm Tree lined pavements of the Club Med. A quick dip in the pool and it was already time to say goodbye! Can’t wait to be back!

This Bali Travel Diary was written in collaboration with @theasia.collective & @hungryin.bali. Head to my Instagram for bonus pictures of my trip!