Finding my 'perfect fit' with Duo Boots

After a lot of sole searching I have finally found the perfect pair of boots.  

 My Pick:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

My Pick: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

You see, I've always had fairly muscular calves.  Boot shopping would see me, legs in the air in the middle of the store huffing and puffing to try and zip up that gorgeous knee high pair, and leaving empty handed, destined to sadly wear nothing but ankle boots forever.  Even if I found a pair, that by some miracle zipped all the way up to knee, (despite rendering me virtually incapable of walking)- I would stubbornly persist. 

That was until recently when I was contacted by Duo Boots - A U.K based (shipping internationally) women's boots brand who pride themselves on providing every women with the luxury of customised footwear, whilst still remaining affordable and fashion-forward. In other words- The perfect fit.  I was intrigued- because let's be honest; most experiences I've had with boots (if I could even get them on) have seen me taking them off in the Uber and sending myself home before midnight due to sore feet- anything but luxurious. 

Duo Boots explained the concept behind their fits- instead of just measuring your standard shoe size, they also take your calf measurement- offering 21 calf widths ranging between 30-50cm. I followed their handy fit guide and picked The Huntsman - a beautiful tan leather, knee-high riding boot from The Heritage Collection . Less than 7 days later, they were at my door.  The moment of truth had arrived.  And just like Cinderella's glass slipper, the boot moulded to my foot perfectly.  The sound of the zipper gliding up to my knee was such a relief. Hurray! The days of cramped calves and feet were gone! Hello comfort AND style.

 My Pick for the Melbourne Winter:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

My Pick for the Melbourne Winter: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

 Keeping warm:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Keeping warm: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

So who are these magical boot wizards? 

Hailing from the U.K, Duo Boots are a brand with over 40 years experience in the boot and shoe game. Originally created in 1974 by Ted and Muffy Maltby, they pride themselves on their quality, broad range of styles and stunning European craftsmanship- (you can read more about what goes into creating a Duo Boot here ).  Briefly re-branding themselves to Ted and Muffy (after their founders) in 2015 saw their loyal customer base missing the original branding and thus they returned to Duo Boots this year, and re-established the much loved Duo Boots name. 

 Comfy AND stylish:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Comfy AND stylish: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Shipping Internationally, Duo Boots are now offering Aussie customers 7 day free delivery for full price items with styles retailing from $330 AUD.  International customers can check them out on their website here or for anyone in the U.K they have a store in Bath .

Enjoy your fairy-tale fits ladies, and be sure to tag me in your Duo Boots purchases on Instagram! Happy Shopping!

 Happy Shopping:  The Huntsman  in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD

Happy Shopping: The Huntsman in Tan Leather RRP $401AUD


This post is sponsored by Duo Boots. All opinions are my own and I would never endorse a product that I didn't truly believe in or use myself.

Jeanswest Summer Campaign and Q & A!

This post originally appeared on the Jeanswest Blog
Credit goes to them.

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe staples for the season with an update to the classics.

Come on an urban safari with us this summer, in our new African Journey Collection.

With a strong focus on utility styling and chic-safari, the collection features a neutral and earthy colour palette; think ecru, khaki and cypress green, with modern metallic highlights of gold and gunmetal spotted throughout.

Above: Jess wears Rami Roll Sleeve JacketShari Sleeveless Shirt and Rena Relaxed Utility Shorts


Jess wears, Asella Top and Soraya Curve Embracer Skinny 7/8 Jeans

It’s all about finding the perfect balance; pairing feminine soft silks with our must-have khaki utility-inspired jacket or ecru safari pocket shorts. Of course, denim still plays hero and the staple to every outfit, with denim updates seen in our new white distressed jeans and denim shorts. The entire collection is made up of versatile and easy-to-wear pieces making stylish summer-dressing effortless.


Jess wears, Luxe Stripe V Neck Tee and Caitlyn Curve Embracer Patched Skinny 7/8 Jeans

The campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Carlotta Moye and features Australian model, Jess King. We sat down with Jess to find out a little more about life as a model and she shared her inside tips for this season’s must-have pieces.


5 Minutes with our model, Jess King:

How did you become a model?

I tried my hand at modelling when I was about 14 but unfortunately was considered too curvy for the market at the time. About 6 years later, I entered a modelling competition as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and much to my surprise I ended up winning! It was then that I discovered the possibility of being a curve model. Over the past few years the market has grown like crazy. It’s so cool to see new brands get on board and start representing different sizes in their campaigns. I’m all about size diversity in the media and I think it’s such a great message to send out to young girls that you can be fashionable at any size.

Tell us about the shoot day for the Jeanswest campaign?

I was incredibly excited and nervous. Jeanswest is such an iconic brand here in Australia and I have shopped there since my teens. It was so great being styled in clothes I’d actually love to wear – I kept making mental shopping lists in my head throughout the day and love that Jeanswest offers a specific Curve denim range!


Describe your personal style.

I guess I have quite a classic style and I take inspiration from current trends but I don’t let it rule my look. I tend to wear styles that nip in at the waist to highlight my shape. I don’t take any notice of fashion “rules” though; if I want to flash a bit of midriff for summer I will!

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

A couple of pairs of good fitting jeans that I literally wear until they have holes in them.

What is a ‘must’ when buying new jeans?

Always buy your true size – don’t buy a size or two smaller thinking you might lose weight and fit into them one day! I also do the lunge test in the change room, to check how much movement I have in the jeans; there’s no point buying a pair you can barely walk in!

Do you have a favourite style of jeans?

I love a high-waisted skinny as I think it can be really flattering on a curvier shape. There’s an awesome pair of white jeans in Jeanswest’s new collection which I have my eye on – nice and fresh for summer!


Jess wears, Luxe Stripe V Neck Tee and Caitlyn Curve Embracer Patched Skinny 7/8 Jeans

What’s your classic go-to outfit?

I don’t think you can beat a pair of high-waisted jeans with a slouchy white tee. It’s the perfect outfit that you can wear during the day with some sneakers and at night with some statement earrings and heels.

Shop all our new arrivals here.

Credit goes to Jeanwest for this blog post.

Get Fitted

I still remember my first bra fitting. It was a terrifying experience that my mum had to trick me in to. I was an early bloomer- about 10 or 11 at the time, and I remember being so self conscious of the C cup that developed (virtually overnight!) on my chest. It didn't help that I was one of the few girls who looked this way, and as much as I hunched there was no hiding my new boobs. They were here to stay.  Back then there weren't any of the young and fresh stores that we are lucky to have today, so it was off to the local lingerie boutique which was owned by a lovely lady- and as lovely as she was she couldn't help the fact that she was a little old and out of touch. I walked in and was immediately greeted by what looked like an explosion of beige lace doilies crossed with Madonna's cone bra. As much as I wanted to pretend my boobs didn't exist- there was so way I was adorning them in something reminiscent of my Grandma's lounge room. 
I kicked up a fuss until she found a navy soft cup bra lurking in the corner. It would do for now. 

Cue a couple of years, compliments from the opposite sex and I now praise the boob gods for blessing me with these (now E/F cup) babies. 

I must admit the idea of getting fitted still isn't the most exciting idea to me- the thought of a stranger telling me that I'm actually two sizes bigger than what I think I am (and that God forbid I need to throw out that favourite bra from 2010) isn't particularly enjoyable. But it's something as women, we have to do- not just as an excuse to get fancy new bras every now and then- but because it actually (believe it or not) plays a part in our health. 

 Rachel & I picking out some Bras

Rachel & I picking out some Bras

I recently got fitted by the absolute angel Rachel, at the Bras N Things Chadstone store. This was a fitting like no other- Rachel and I had- as she called it a bra party. After taking my measurements (this look no longer then a minute) and working out that I was a 12e ( Rachel explained to me that this can change depending on the style) she grabbed some options from the floor and we had a play.  The thing I loved about Rachel was that I didn't feel like she was trying to pressure me into certain styles- we were just two girls having fun- while one happened to be in her knickers :p 

 Rachel making sure I found the perfect fit!

Rachel making sure I found the perfect fit!

30 minutes later and me trying on nearly every style in the shop- I managed to cut it down to my three favourite styles. 

 Love this soft cup style! I'm normally scared of bras that aren't moulded or lack underwire- but I felt supported in this- my boobs weren't going to pop out any time soon! 

Love this soft cup style! I'm normally scared of bras that aren't moulded or lack underwire- but I felt supported in this- my boobs weren't going to pop out any time soon! 

 Love this blue set, I never wear colour but I couldn't resist- I felt like a disney princess!

Love this blue set, I never wear colour but I couldn't resist- I felt like a disney princess!

 Loving the harness/cage bra's in stores at the moment! Looks super cute peeking out from under a loose, low cut shirt.

Loving the harness/cage bra's in stores at the moment! Looks super cute peeking out from under a loose, low cut shirt.

 Check out the Bras N Things Bra Fitting guide online and be sure to pop into your local store for a complimentary fitting!  There's no excuse to not get fitted regularly these days- a quick 1 minute fitting with a trained fitter could literally save you years of back pain and poor posture!

If you have any questions about my fitting experience, comment on my Instagram and share with me your Bras N Things hauls! I'd love to see! xx


"Real Women have cur-" STFU

 "It was always the same old comments- "Finally a REAL Woman", "bones are for dogs", "REAL women have curves/wobbly bits/cellulite" etc.  I know most of the time this is coming from a truly innocent place but what these commenters don't realise is that they are bagging the SHIT out of their naturally skinny sisters.  That is not how Body positivity works- you can't bring up one body type by bashing another!"

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